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  1. There will be no refunds.

  2. Crafters are not permitted in the building before allotted times.

  3. Cover your table completely. Top to floor on all 4 sides.

  4. No crafts are to be placed on the floor in front of your table, or in the walking space beside your table or across from your table.

  5. All crafters and their helpers are to wear a name tag.

  6. Do not move or switch tables without permission.

  7.  All crafters handling or selling any type of food / pet food products are required to have the Food Handlers Course (Minimum Level 1) and display the valid certificate at all times during the show.
    No pumpkin products are allowed. 

  8.  All food items are to have the ingredients listed where the customer can see them.

  9.  Each individual body / cosmetic product sold at our shows, requires a product number from Health Canada.

  10.  All cosmetic and body care products are to have the ingredient name clearly listed on the outer label.

  11.  Make sure that all items on your table are crafted by yourself or another paid member of Home Crafters.

  12.  Objectionable items are not permitted.

  13.  No Soliciting, ticket sales or draws, free or otherwise, by crafters will be permitted.

  14.  This is not a flea market. If you feel you have overpriced your craft, make new tags and replace them at the end of the evening or before opening the next morning. No “sale” signs, “% off” signs, “½ off” signs or “today only” signs allowed on your table.

  15.  Backdrops, signage or displays are not to extend past the length of your space and must not be over 6 feet high from the floor.

  16.  Do not dismantle any part of your display until the end of the show. If you sell out, please see convenor for permission to leave and obtain sold out sign for your table.

If submitting your application by mail the following rules apply:

  1. Applications must be received by mail - not hand delivered.

  2. Cheque/Money Order must accompany applications – No post-dated cheques. We do not accept cash. (If mailed after August 31, payment is by money order only.)

  3. NSF cheque charges will be paid by the crafter.


As crafters are all aware, there are rules which address protocol and conduct at craft shows. These rules are intended to ensure a good and safe craft show for all participants.

In general, most crafters are excellent to adhere to the rules.

Yet due to some incidents, it has become necessary to address those incidents where crafters have refused to adhere to the rules.

Therefore, as of the craft show in March 2001, violation of the rules of the craft show will be addressed in the following manner:


  • At the first board meeting following the show, the board will discuss and reach a decision regarding the incident.

  • Crafters who refuse to respect the rules of the craft show will:

  1. Receive a formal warning or

  2. Have their membership suspended for a period of one (1) year or

  3. Permanently revoked.

  • The formal warning does not necessarily have to be issued prior to membership being revoked.

  • The decision of the Board will be final.

  • Crafter will be notified by registered mail.



Board of Directors


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